_FIN HOUSE 1.0   London, United Kingdom Pre-Fabricated House Prototype | 94 sq m Concept Design 2016  Following the paradigm of Le Corbusier’s Dom-ino house, the FIN HOUSE explores the next level of modularity through modern methods of prefabrication. It is a simple, flexible and adaptable prefabricated house concept based on 93 sqm NIA, able to accommodate a family of up to 5. It can adapt across demographics, bio-climatic environments, urban/suburban/rural locations and is configurable to multiple plotting requirements. The FIN HOUSE addresses key requirements of ‘modern family living’, alternative building methodologies, sustainability and Lifetime Homes design. The concept is based on sustainable materials, offsite fabrication, simple & innovative components and on site ease of assembly, allowing for streamline, low cost construction. Different house typologies can be configured based on this simple ‘modular system’.
2016_0808_FH_For Web10a.jpg
2016_0803_Campo copy_MO.jpg
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2016_0801_render street view_MO.jpg
2016_0808_FH_For Web.jpg
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2016_0802_Lago copy_MO.jpg
2016_0803_Sol copy 1_MO.jpg
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2016_0808_FH_For Web23.jpg
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2016_0808_FH_For Web18.jpg
2016_0808_FH_For Web19.jpg
2016_0808_FH_For Web20.jpg
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PB+CUB_vista_axonometrica (16).JPG
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PB+P1+CUB_vista_axonometrica (20).JPG
PB+P1+CUB_vista_frontal (13).JPG
PB+P1+CUB_vista_frontal (23).JPG
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