_SAN MIGUEL HOUSING   San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Housing Complex | 16,500 sq m (120 units)  Commission - In Design 2018  Team: Emergent Design Studios + RVdG  Echoing the timeless and authentic setting of San Miguel de Allende, San Miguel Housing draws from a rich source of local Mexican architectural and cultural influences to form a modern housing complex set within an integrated, leisure-oriented community.  The unique identity of Mexican local materials, textures and traditional construction techniques blend with contemporary design at San Miguel Housing, forming comfortable and evocative spaces that provide innovative care solutions. This residential-led mixed-use complex is conceived on the basis of desirable resident & visitor experience journeys. In this way, every detail is designed to deliver comfort and hospitality, balanced with a wide range of indoor/outdoor amenities and facilities.
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2018_0710_LA Wireframe plan.jpg
2018_0712_SMA_LA_Stack AXO-1.jpg
2017_1216_SMA_LA_Concept V1_Page_14.jpg
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2017_1216_SMA_LA_Concept V1_Page_12.jpg
2018_0716_SMA_V1 (elevation)_MO.jpg
2018_0716_SMA_V2 (pool)_MO.jpg
2018_0716_SMA_V3 (entry)_MO.jpg
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