_MEMORIAL FOR THE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE   Mexico City, Mexico Cultural Pavilion | 4,000 sq m International Competition, Honorary Award 2012   In collaboration with Guillermo Ortiz Taboada   Our proposals for this international competition seeks to commemorate the c. 60,000 Victims of Violence in Mexico’s recent war against organised crime. This deep and narrow site, only offers one point of access to one of Mexico City’s main vehicular and pedestrian arteries. Our proposal is based on a downward sinuous pathway formed by inclined walls, leading into a main, solemn space. The wall’s corrugation offers a different expression for the access and egress routes. The downward route displays ‘tombstones of anonymity’, listing numbers instead of the victim’s names. The main ‘solemn space’ is a vast circular area covered with empty bullet casks, each representing one victim. The egress route, ‘the ascent’, represents reconciliation, through mirrors reflecting all visitors in a communal experience, highlighting the issue of social responsibility.
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