_LUPITA EAST   London, UK Restaurant | 350 sq m Completed – 2012  Located in the vibrant fringes of the City of London near Spitalfields Market, Lupita East is the second of a unique restaurant franchise at the ground level of a late 19th-century warehouse building. Veering away from the current wave of Mexican-street inspired restaurants in London, Lupita East was conceived to become a vibrant & contemporary interior, full of references to Mexican design & craft showcased in a traditional Victorian space. The entrance stairway and internal bars display a unique diagonal-pattern executed with bespoke hand-made Mexican Talavera tiles sourced exclusively for Lupita East. At both ends of the main room, were designed two features based on a composition involving a large number of exclusively designed, zinc-coated, steel objects by Tom Dixon, suspended organically to form a luminous hanging sculpture.
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