_MARINA DA GLORIA*   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Convention & Commercial Centre | 80,000 sq m Competition Finalist - 2009   * Executed as Design Director for Rafael Viñoly Architects / Courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects   Marina da Gloria is a mixed-used development located at the existing Marina site in the North end of the Aterro do Flamengo, originally designed by the internationally renowned Roberto Burle Marx. EBX’s ambitious vision comprises Rio’s largest Convention & Exhibition Centre, a transport terminal for the Pink Fleet (tourist cruise), an exclusive retail and F&B commercialcentre and a state-of-the-art Marina, due to host the sailing events during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. An ample drive-way penetrates the site and allows for efficient means of access to a large Convention & Exhibition complex and leisure / commercial centre surrounded by spectacular sea-front promenades, exposed to striking views to the Sugar Loaf and Botafogo Bay, the City Centre and the wider Guanabara Bay. An extension of the Flamengo Park itself covers the entire building emerging as a natural burm from the existing landscape. The only iconic element of the scheme is the world’s tallest flag pole (180m), symbolizing Brazil’s bright future.
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