_MEXICO @ EXPO MILAN 2015   Milan, Italy National Pavilion | 3,500 sq m International Competition – Shortlisted 2014   In collaboration with Techniker (structural), ECOstudioXV (m&e/sustainbility), KVR (landscaping) and Anamnesia (scenography)  Our proposals for the National Pavilion of Mexico at the Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the theme “Feeding the world, Energy for Life”. Mexico’s food and gastronomy stand amongst the most prominent universally. We are inspired by the sustainability and technological innovation of our pre-Hispanic civilizations, the culinary transformation of the colonial time and the ongoing challenges that migration and the rescue of our traditions represent today. Our proposal is based on a semi-open pavilion, a large Belvedere open towards the Expo, in which exhibition spaces are accommodated to display the diversity and authenticity of food products from Mexico based on the cycle cultivation-processing-distribution-consumption. This highly sustainable, monumental structure prefabricated in cross-laminated wood is clad with a combination of trombe-wall and sunshade membrane systems.
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