_CUT THRU HOUSE NW8   London, United Kingdom Private Residence | 200 sq m In Construction 2017  This semi-detached house is located in an exclusive residential lane in St. John's Wood, London. Our approach for this intervention is based on an elongated, two-flight staircase re-organising layouts at all levels and opening all areas. The resulting triple-height, elongated 'slit' space becomes the main distribution area of the house, exposing newly open, contemporary interiors and capturing abundant natural light whilst carefully forming sculpted internal openings. These new rooflights, see-through floors and screens in frameless glass deliver stunning visual and physical connections throughout the house. The main staircase is flanked by a triple-height storage wall, which integrates existing windows at all levels, forming an internal functional mural. The ground floor level is lowered to allow for more generous heights in an open space layout, improving flexibility in this welcoming family home environment.
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2017_0420_TM_Illustrated plans base SF copy.jpg
2017_0424_TM_Illustrated plans base RP copy.jpg
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