_RESIDENCIAL BARRANQUILLA   Barranquilla, Colombia Residential-led Mixed-Use Development | 70,500 sq m Feasibility Study – 2013  Commissioned by a Colombian-American investment consortium, our proposal is primarily based on a ‘plinth & tower’ diagram, accommodating multiple uses – mainly residential medium-high type (410 units). Our concept design reduces the impact of the commercial plinth onto a sparse urban context through ‘green burms’, which provide the scheme with a unique identity at street level and protect the heart of the project in terms climate control and security. Above this ‘green plinth’, we propose 4 residential towers allowing for 8-units per floor (2 and 3 bedrooms), which are interconnected horizontally to increase efficiencies in the use of vertical circulation. At the center of the scheme, private amenities are proposed as an extension of ‘green burms’ – offering extensive gardens, sports and pools facilities for the exclusive use of owners.
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